SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: Pujols And A-Rod Are Racing Towards 763 Home Runs

Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez have more in common than $250 million contracts. They both have a legitimate shot at surpassing Barry Bonds’ record of 762* career home runs. Below is a look at the career home runs, by age, for the top three all-time home run hitters (Bonds, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth), as well A-Rod and Pujols.

As we can see, Rodriguez is well-ahead of the pace set by the Big Three. But his pace has also slowed in recent years, having hit just 76 home runs in the last three years combined. Pujols is also ahead of the pace, but significantly behind where A-Rod was at the same age, thanks in large part to an earlier start to A-Rod’s career.

Both players are on pace to hit at least 763. But both players still have a long road ahead…

Race to 763 Home Runs