Here's The List Of Baseball Players Eligible For Arbitration

Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers

Major League Baseball’s salary arbitration period kicked off Wednesday.  Players have until January 15th to send in a request that could get them a huge pay raise.

The arbitration process is part of MLB’s collective bargaining agreement which allows players to ask for a panel of professional arbitrators to decide what salary they deserve, based on the player’s contribution to the club and the salaries of comparable players around the league.

MLB players can file for arbitration with a least 3, but less than 6 years of service in the league.  Only the top 17% of players, known as “Super 2” players, are allowed to file at 2 years.

Both AL MVP Josh Hamilton and NL MVP Joey Votto are in line to get some serious cash.  Other prominent players on this year’s list include Prince Fielder, B.J. Upton, Jose Bautista, Jonathan Papelbon, and Jacoby Ellsbury.

There are 132 players eligible to file in 2011. Many will eventually sign contracts with their current team before an arbitrator can rule (some already have), but all are eligible for the fight. Here’s the full list:

arbitration mlb

List compiled from Biz of Baseball

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