MLB Will Start Testing Out A Revamped Replay System This Fall

MLB new replay system fair or foul


Major League Baseball will install two different replay systems at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field in New York this month with plans of testing both out in September, according to ESPN’s Jayson Stark.The two systems will be used to evaluate fair or foul calls down the line, but won’t actually be used to review or overturn any calls during games, Stark reports.

“Hawkeye,” the same camera-based system used to determine in or out calls in tennis, will be installed at Citi Field and used during New York Mets games as well as on off days. (Citi Field is right next to the Billie Jean King National Tennis centre where the U.S. Open is played in Queens.)

A different radar-based system, similar to what is used in golf to track the path of the ball, will be tried out at Yankee Stadium.

There is no timeline for when either or both of these systems will be used to change/review calls during games, but Commissioner Bud Selig is on the record as saying he would like to see fair/foul calls added to baseball’s replay system as soon as 2013.

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