The Marlins Think Pujols Is Lying About His Age

albert pujols st. louis cardinals

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The Miami Marlins have offered Albert Pujols a nine-year contract worth close to $200 million. But they may have offered him more if they didn’t have doubts about his age.According to Dan LeBatard of the Miami Herald, the Marlins are one of several teams that doubts the age of the three-time MVP…

The total dollars are in dispute, depending on whom you believe, but the number of years offered is not. Nine years. That’s insanity, especially since, like a lot of teams, the Marlins believe Pujols to be older than the 31 he claims to be. 

This is not the first time the issue has come up. Many people noted that Pujols looked much older than 21 when he first came up in 2001. And Rob Neyer wondered if age was an issue when the St. Louis Cardinals were trying to re-sign Pujols last winter.

But to be fair, while Pujols did look old at 21, he looks almost the same at 31. And now, if the Marlins can’t sign Pujols, they have a good excuse.