MLB is looking into allegations that a Miami Marlins player sent tweets about betting on sports

Major League Baseball is investigating Miami Marlins pitcher Jarred Cosart after screenshots of an alleged Twitter direct message conversation between his account and that of a gambling expert were posted to Twitter, the Miami New Times first reported.

A screenshot of the alleged private conservation was posted by an anonymous Twitter user named @ghostfadekillah, who often tweets about gambling advice.

On Tuesday, @ghostfadekillah tweeted a screenshot of an alleged conversation with Cosart and another account where they appear to be talking about betting on sports:

Cosart deleted his Twitter account after the screenshot made its way around the internet.

A new account claiming to be Cosart later appeared and tweeted that his old account had been hacked, but on Thursday Cosart told ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick that this new account wasn’t his, and he wasn’t commenting on the investigation:


MLB spokesperson Matt Bourne confirmed to Business Insider that the MLB is looking into the matter.

Cosart’s agent, Erik Burkhardt, hasn’t responded to a request for comment.

Under MLB rules, players are banned from betting on baseball. There is no rule preventing players from betting on other sports.

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