A look at the crazy and bizarre food you can eat at MLB games this summer

This weekend the baseball world will come to New York City for the first annual MLB FoodFest.

The event will welcome every team in major league baseball to show off the best ballpark food they have to offer, pushing the definition of what qualifies as a “hot dog” to its outer limits and with more than one treat featuring a garnish of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

The event itself is already sold out, but we’ve collected the best of what the menu has to offer below so you can be sure not to miss out on the surreal eating options the next time you visit the ballpark.

Arizona Diamondbacks —  Churro Dog


The Diamondbacks take ballpark dessert beyond simple softserve in a fun-sized helmet with the Churro Dog, complete with an Oreo churro and topped with an Oreo crumble and strawberry sauce.

Atlanta Braves — Pig Pickin’

Baseball fans would be hard-pressed to find a more indulgent meal at the ballpark than the Pig Pickin’ offered at SunTrust Park.

Baltimore Orioles — Chesapeake Waffle Fries


The Baltimore Orioles honour the glory of Old Bay seasoning with their offering to MLB FoodFest with their Chesapeake Waffle Fries topped with crab dip. Few of the foods listed made my mouth water as much as this one.

Boston Red Sox — New England Lobster Roll

In a decision that should surprise no one, the Boston Red Sox are bringing their Lobster Rolls to MLB FoodFest. Ironically, their made by Yankee Lobster Company – likely the only mention of the word Yankee that won’t raise eyebrows in the city of Boston.

Chicago Cubs — Chicago Dog


In the heated debate as to whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich, few meals make a better case for the sandwich side of the argument than a Chicago Dog. Topped with tomatoes, sport peppers, chopped onions, and a pickle spear, few attempts have ever been made to pack a hot dog with so many other foods.

Chicago White Sox — Brisket Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese


A brilliant idea that appears to be well-executed, the Chicago White Sox are bringing their Brisket Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese to the MLB FoodFest. It’s like a whole barbecue all packed into one delicious sandwich.

Cincinnati Reds — Skyline Chilli Dogs


Cincinnati is much-maligned for its insistence on adding Skyline Chilli to spaghetti, but as a topping on a hot dog, it’s more than welcome at the ballpark.

Cleveland Indians — Flamethrower


The first food to empty the use of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos is the Cleveland Indians’ Flamethrower – a pulled pork sandwich with bacon jam and green apple slaw all served up on a Hawaiian style bun.

Colorado Rockies —  The Helton Burger


Named after one of the Rockies all-time greats, Helton Burgers offer a Shake Shack-style burger for those who have gotten tired of hot dogs.

Detroit Tigers —  Chicken Shawarma Nachos


One of the more ambitious menu items on the list, you can now get Chicken Schwarma Nachos at Comerica Park, made with oven-toasted pita chips, humus, garlic sauce, chicken and tabbouleh on the side.

Houston Astros — Chicken Waffle Cone


A new twist on an age-old pairing, the Chicken Waffle Cone offers something for Astros fans to celebrate beyond their 2017 World Series victory.

Kansas City Royals —  Brisket-Acho

The Kansas City Royals make good use of their hometown style of barbecue with their Brisket-Achos. Traditionally nachos come with sliced brisket, cheesy corn, baked beans, coleslaw and BBQ sauce, in a serving big enough for you and however many friends happen to be at the game that day.

Los Angeles Angels —  Oke Poke


Another of the more ambitious menu items being embraced by the baseball world is the Los Angeles Angels’ Oke Poke. One of the newest concession stands at Angel Stadium, Oke Poke offers a nice change of pace for fans looking for a fresh take on ballpark cuisine. It won’t be offered at MLB FoodFest though, with the team’s Japanese Pork Katsu taking the honour.

Los Angeles Dodgers —  Cheeto-Lote


Flamin’ Hot Cheetos make yet another appearance on the MLB FoodFest menu in the form of the Dodgers Cheeto-Lote – corn on the cob that’s rolled in chipotle mayo, parmasean, and the undeniable kick of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Miami Marlins — Bacon-Wrapped Plantain

Bacon-wrapped anything is usually a good bet for those looking to indulge between innings, and the Marlins Bacon-Wrapped Plantain is no different. Topped with guava marmalade, queso blanco and cilantro, it’s unlike any baseball food I’ve ever seen.

Milwaukee Brewers — Cheddar Beer Bratwurst

Making good use of Milwaukee’s three most delicious exports, the Cheddar Beer Bratwurst is a fantastic change of pace from your standard baseball hot dog.

Minnesota Twins — Kurd-Marczuk

The Minnesota Twins Kurd-Marczuk is a guttonous combination of breaded cheese curds and bratwurst that should satiate fans no matter how big an appetite they bring to the game.

New York Mets — Pastrami Sandwich

No one does deli sandwiches like New York City, so it should come as no surprise that the Mets are showing off their Pastrami Sandwich at MLB FoodFest. Served with mustard on rye bread, it’s a simple classic that’s easy to enjoy.

New York Yankees — Adobo Bao


Adobo Bao is pretty far from the first food you’d think of finding at a baseball stadium, but the Yankees prove that when done right, it can be a delightful mid-game snack. In addition to the buns, the Yankees have also made significant progress in beer art technology this year, now serving draft beers with players faces printed on the foam.

Oakland Athletics — Monte Khrush Davis Christo

Another extremely rich indulgence for baseball fans, the Monte Khrush Davis Christo is a hearty sandwich featuring ham, turkey, cheese and strawberry preserves on Belgian waffles.

Philadelphia Phillies —  Bull’s BBQ Sliders

While Philadelphia might be best known for its cheesesteaks and Chickie’s and Pete’s crab fries, the Phillies will instead be bringing Bull’s BBQ Sliders to MLB FoodFest this year. At the ballpark, the fun-sized sandwiches are a great option for fans who want to get a taste of all the different meats Bull’s BBQ has to offer.

Pittsburgh Pirates — Pulled Pork Pierogie Hoagie

The Pirates also made use of a local delicacy in their featured MLB FoodFest dish with the Pulled Pork Pierogie Hoagie. By the looks of it, finishing this sandwich won’t leave you with room for seconds, no matter how badly you want them.

St. Louis Cardinals — Gioia’s Hot Salami Sandwich

Hot salami might not sound like the most appetizing food for a summer baseball game, but fans might have to make an exception for Gioia’s Hot Salami Sandwich at Busch Stadium.

San Diego Padres — Seaside Market’s Tri-Tip Nachos


Yet another nacho-centric dish, the Seaside Market Tri-Tip Nachos give a gourmet spin on the traditionally informal snack, with delicious tri-tip and a load of other garnishes for Padres fans to enjoy.

San Francisco Giants — Crazy Crab Sandwich


Named after the hated anti-mascot of the Giants 1984 season, the Crazy Crab Sandwich should be much more enjoyable for fans to consume than its predecessor was on the field.

Seattle Mariners — Toasted Grasshoppers


By far the most out-there eating option in all of baseball is the Toasted Grasshoppers offered at Seattle Mariners games. While the snack was once thought to be little more than an oddity, the bite-sized bugs quickly became one of the top-selling items at Safeco Field, to a point where the stadium had to impose a per-game order limit for fans that couldn’t stop snacking.

Tampa Bay Rays — Reuben Cuban Sandwich


Two of the greatest sandwiches in existence roll into one with the Tampa Bay Rays Reuben Cuban Sandwich. While there’s no word on the city’s Reuben quality, Tampa Bay has the Cuban sandwich bona fides that should be able to carry this meal to a deliciously satisfying finish line.

Texas Rangers — The Dilly Dog

The Dilly Dog is at a glance, the most horrifying dish on this list. A hot dog stuck inside a hollowed-out pickle and then deep friend in cornbread batter, it’s tough to imagine a more twisted option for eating at the ballpark. But to the surprise of many, the Dilly Dog has been an absolute hit at Rangers games this year, so much so that the team has added a second stand to cut down on the long lines that the dish was creating.

Toronto Blue Jays —  Big Smoke Jerk Chicken Nachos

Yet another nacho for your tasting pleasure, this Toronto Blue Jays snack forgoes barbecue in favour of jerk chicken, and comes loaded with all of the traditional nacho toppings.

Washington Nationals — Crab Grilled Cheese

The Washington Nationals are also bringing their Crab Grilled Cheese to New York, pitting the team directly against the San Francisco Giants. Hopefully for the Nationals, this battle will go better than the teams playoff matchups of years past.

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