Why Did MLB Allow The Atlanta Braves To Bring Back One Of The Most Offensive Logos In Sports?

Atlanta Braves Screaming Savage Logo

[credit provider=”Uni-Watch” url=”http://www.uni-watch.com/”]

Major League Baseball will introduce new batting practice caps next spring, and Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch.com has given us a first look at the new designs. Many of the caps include the use of logos, a nice divergence from caps that typically just use letters representing the team’s location. However, in the case of the Atlanta Braves, they have used this opportunity to reintroduce their old “screaming savage” logo, a logo many find highly offensive.

The logo was first used by the Braves when they were in Milwaukee, and continued to be used by the Braves in Atlanta through the late 80s. However, other than the use as a sleeve patch in the 60s and early 70s, it has never held such a prominent spot on the uniform as the front of a cap.

And while it is just a batting practice cap, these are likely to be worn during games in Spring Training. And the logo is so bad, it leaves one wondering if any players will refuse to wear them.