As The Intensity Of Game 6 Of The World Series Rose, TV Ratings Soared

world series game six walk off

Photo: YouTube

In the seventh inning of last night’s game six, “hundreds and hundreds and hundreds” of fans left the game as the Texas Rangers took a commanding 7-4 lead over the St. Louis Cardinals.The same cannot be said about the television ratings as they continued to climb throughout the night.

According to Darren Rovell, game six had an overnight rating of 13.8 (each point represents 1% of viewers). That was highest rating for any World Series game since 2009.

But that average rating does not give a true sense of how many people tuned in during the game’s biggest moments.

According to a source with FOX, last night’s ratings for game six averaged a 12.6 from 8-11:00pm. But that number jumped to an average of 15.6 during the 11:00pm hour, peaking at 17.0 at 11:45pm. After midnight, the average rating was even higher at 16.1.

This would have to be seen as good news for FOX heading into game seven tonight. The last game seven in the World Series (2002), drew a 17.9 rating. With people jumping on the bandwagon late last night, and the lack of any football games competing for attention tonight, FOX should easily outpace that number this year.

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