The MLB All-Star Game Got Its Worst Ratings Ever

Prince Fielder

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Fox won the ratings war last night, with the MLB All-Star Game sucking in an average of about 11 million viewers.Unfortunately, the 7.9 overnight rating was the lowest in the history of the game. The number of viewers was down 9 per cent over the 2010 games, which was the previous worst showing.

Even die-hard baseball fans were unimpressed with last night’s snooze fest. Six of the AL’s top seven pitchers didn’t appear in the game, and neither did elected starters Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez.

NL manager Bruce Bochy picked three of his own Giant starters to be on the team, then didn’t put any of them into the game. The game’s most memorable highlight was a pitching change.

There are plenty of other reasons why the special nature of the game has been slowly eroded by cable TV and interleague matchups that we’ve already seen.

But it’s clearly not just a few purists grumbling on the internet. Fans are turning a way in droves and if MLB doesn’t find a way to fix its boring “classic,” maybe they should pull the plug on the whole thing.

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