This Firefight Shows What Happens When A US Soldier Is Outnumbered

Soldier Firefight MK48

Photo: via FUNKER530

A video posted recently by FUNKER530, a veteran who tracks firefights, shows just how lethal American combined arms can be on the battlefield.”Combined arms” is military terminology which denotes use of multiple assets — mortars, jets, ships, infantry — in a single engagement.

Here we can see the importance of fielding well-equipped, intelligent troopers on the ground who can lay a base of fire on the enemy while simultaneously relaying strike coordinates to birds in the air.

Or in other words a very brave dude, with a very capable gun, holding off some very doomed bad guys.

The 'soldier' (service unidentified) here is using a MK-48 to suppress the enemy, located about 50 - 100 meters in two positions, off to his right and left.

He dumps his full combat load of up to 300 rounds on the enemy, then takes a couple steps back to reload and refit.

Other soldiers attempt to move up, but he advises they stay out of the fray. Instead he says ...

Finally he gets the ammo crate. One can see here the heavier 7.62 munitions. Often, Special Ops units are outfitted with these heavier weapons.

Because of their mission, the chances are higher that a bigger enemy force may pin them down — in which case, 7.62 can rip through cover and hit enemy forces with far more stopping power than the M16's smaller rounds.

Loaded up, our guy grabs the rest of the ammunition and wraps it around his neck to feed the gun. Often, because of the weight, and amount of ammunition on hand two, soldiers will man a single weapon.

Another benefit of the MK-48 is it keeps this is a one-man job and our guy is able to advance and suppress the enemy allowing his buddies to call in air support.

This type support can be heard coming from miles away and delivers a psychological effect for both sides. Our guy is no doubt breathing one huge sigh of relief ...

Because he knows the A-10 Warthog on its way in has enough ordnance to flatten a city block.

Continued firing locks the enemy in place with no place to run while the A-10 bears down on their position.

The nose of the A-10 is equipped with a 30 mm canon that's as devastating to personnel as it is to any armoured vehicle in which they may take cover — there is very little hiding from the destructive force of the Warthog.

The A-10 is coming in at 'Danger Close' which means its weapons could affect our guy so he should be moving back, but he refuses to allow the enemy to move from its position and stands fast, bracing himself.

The A-10 drops its rounds with the sharp 'brrraaaap' sound, a sound every ground unit loves to hear.

Just yards passed the tree line you can see the impacts — that was certainly 'danger close' — our guy shares a few choice words at the enemy who almost shot him and then almost got him blown up.

Now watch the whole scene unfold on video, or...

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