Find your favourite Apple Watch with this website that lets you mix and match various combinations

The Apple Watch is almost here, and a new website called Mix Your Watch wants to help you find your favourite model.

Using Apple’s official Apple Watch photos, Mix Your Watch lets you explore all of the different possible combinations by swapping out the case and watch band.

The Apple Watch cases come in 6 variants made of steel, aluminium, and gold, and there’s 16 different bands available in fluoroelastomer, leather, or steel.

To simplify things for customers, Apple is divvying up the possible combinations into three main tiers: the budget Apple Watch Sport, the traditional Apple Watch, and the premium Apple Watch Edition — which some are speculating will cost up to $US20,000.

The Apple Watch will debut in April, and Apple is widely expected to reveal more details about the Apple Watch at its media event on March 9.

You can mix and match your own Apple Watch online by clicking here.

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