Mayor Of Small German Town That Said Berlin Owes It Trillions Complains After Publicity Stunt Goes Wrong

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Photo: Stringer / AFP

Earlier this week we brought you the story of Mittenwalde, the sleepy German town that believes Berlin owes it over a trillion dollars due to the 450-year-old loan of 400 guilders (gold coins used as currency).Apparently, Mittenwalde wishes we hadn’t brought you that news.

Uwe Pfeiffer, mayor of Mittenwalde, has been telling the German press regretting the publication of the news (even though he himself announced it in May, shouting over a megaphone: “We could be the richest city in the world, when Berlin finally pays his debt to us”). In an article published earlier today, he told Süddeutsche Zeitung: “It’s all nonsense and old hat, I can’t hear this story with the guilders anymore.”

“Show time was over a long time age … But they are still calling from all around the world.”

However, Pfeiffer found time to ridicule Berlin’s other debt problem in the interview: “We don’t need it. Mittenwalde is, in contrast to Berlin, largely debt free.”


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