Mitt Romney's Social Media Apathy

What is Mitt Romney’s official Twitter account all about? He goes days without posting anything at all, and does not respond to voters’ individual questions, including mine earlier today. He does very little to differentiate himself from Obama. The Romney campaign’s social media presence is faceless, Borg-like, and will hurt him big time in the general election, especially among younger voters — and the “coastal elites” who are plugged in.

Sir, with all due respect, you CANNOT possibly win the presidency with a handful of Sean Hannity interviews and some 30-second negative TV spots. It doesn’t matter how much money Sheldon Adelson shovels into your Super PACs; you need the Internet to win. Obama seduced the fickle Internet in 2008, and it worked for him. Now, in 2012, his social media campaign is floundering badly… they are doing a “contest” to “win a dinner with Barack,” which is just embarrassing and weird. Have we turned into The Hunger Games?

Many young voters are upset with a) an economy that has left recent graduates jobless and ridiculously indebted and b) a rapidly growing police state that the mainstream broadcast media is not even addressing.

Example: Obama signed into law this fiscal year’s NDAA on New Year’s Eve, complete with provisions which would allow for the imprisonment without trial of American citizens. This is sheer insanity. You said you supported the NDAA, and social media discontent about your statement has been growing ever since, Mr. Romney. You need to get on Twitter, shove aside whatever idiot intern is managing your account for you, and come out against the imprisonment without trial of Americans, including on U.S. soil.

Also, surveillance of American citizens by our own government is growing at an alarming pace. I am visiting my hometown right now, which is not a large city by any means. Nearly every street corner and intersection is now plastered with creepy looking surveillance cameras. This is not an exaggeration. And claims that the cameras are “motion sensors” to improve traffic flow are not legitimate, in my view, especially considering the fact that federal and local law enforcement agencies have now admitted to licence plate capture programs. This is tracking people. It is warrantless surveillance, and it’s wrong.

Also, the TSA has expanded rapidly under Obama’s tenure; now more than 65,000 employees to “protect” just 450 airports. The numbers make no sense. Nor do the expensive new body scanners, which needlessly subject millions of American citizens each day to harmful radiation. Nor do the full-body patdowns, which humiliate citizens and visitors to the United States alike, which are unconstitutional, and which are frankly scary steps in the absolute WRONG direction. There are reports that TSA agents are now ordering citizens to “freeze on command” — yet another troubling step toward police state fascism where individuals do not have rights, including the freedom of movement.

Also… The New York Times claims “mobile phone carriers reported that they responded to a startling 1.3 million demands for subscriber information last year from law enforcement agencies seeking text messages, caller locations and other information in the course of investigations.”

This is merely the official tally, and does not include information obtained through dreaded “national security letters” and through the government’s post-9/11 shadow wiretapping program, which may be listening in on tens of millions — perhaps even hundreds of millions — of additional American citizens on U.S. soil, in clear violation of our laws and principles.

Also… damn, this is getting long… Obama’s “secret kill list,” which includes American citizens, has received little scrutiny or opposition from your campaign. I could care less about your alleged tax havens. I do care, however, about a secretive program that puts American lives at stake. I don’t trust bureaucrats behind closed doors — nor Obama — to arbitrarily decide who lives and who dies. This is precisely why we have courts, right to trial by jury, and a justice system.

Yes, Mr. Romney, the economy is a mess — so, of course, your economic message will gain some traction. But if you fail to speak out against the growing attack on civil liberties, you’ll lose my vote, and the vote of millions of other Americans who care deeply about the loss of our basic rights, our safety, and our dignity as a people.

“I may be marginally better than the Obama administration” is not a winning campaign slogan, nor is it a worthwhile tweet.

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