Romney Crushes Santorum At The Illinois GOP Primary

Mitt Romney Jacket

Photo: AP

Fox News has called the Illinois primary for Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney didn’t just win Illinois. He crushed it. 

From CNN:

With 99% of precincts reporting, Romney led former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum by a 47%-to-35% margin. Texas Rep. Ron Paul was running third at 9%, while former House Speaker Newt Gingrich had 8%..


All we are waiting for now is for the conventional wisdom to catch up with the reality that no one but Mitt Romney can collect enough delegates to win the nomination outright. 

The only way that Santorum, Gingrich, or Paul could win is if Mitt Romney dies or runs into the largest political disaster in American history between now and Tampa. 

Yes, Santorum had some significant support in the exit polls.  He did well among low-income voters. Despite hyperventilation in the media about his personal convictions about contraception and his critiques of America’s culture, Santorum did better with women than among men. He also did best among Protestants who attend church weekly. 

But just as Evangelicals were attracted to Mike Huckabee four years ago, but still voted for McCain in the general, so these voters will come around to support Romney against Barack Obama in the general. 

Romney is beating Santorum in the cities and in the suburban Metro areas. He is winning high and middle-income voters. And he easily bested Santorum among Catholics. 

Yes Pennsylvania is coming up, and it is possible Rick Santorum can win that state. But the next big run of states: New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island and Washington D.C. really favour Mitt Romney. Santorum doesn’t have a path forward. 

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