Here's Why All This Wall St. Money Is Actually Proof Mitt Romney Is In Deep Trouble

rick perry mitt romney cash

Mitt Romney raised $14 million last quarter and $32 million to date

Rick Perry, meanwhile, raised $17 million last quarter,

Those are impressive numbers, though far less so when you consider the source.

Romney may be crushing Obama when it comes to Wall St. dollars (no good bailout goes unpunished), however, as the Washington Times reports, that may be the only place Romney can claim to be ahead.

And that’s going to be a huge problem.  Because while Wall. St may be forking over the dollars they only account for so many votes.  Per the Times:

Only a tiny portion of Mr. Romney‘s funds came from outside the financial world, except for the occasional law and lobbying firm and a handful of defence contractors who would stand to prosper under his plan for increased military spending.

Meanwhile, Rick Perry‘s base is equally as limited.  The WT notes that of the $17 million that Perry reported almost $10 million came from his home state. 

This morning Politico ran a story titled ‘Mitt Romney: Too unloved to be inevitable?‘ which in Politico speak actually translates to: Mitt Romney, too boring to keep the media’s attention.

Either way it’s a problem.  Herman Cain managed to raise most of his meager $2.8 million in the last quarter as a result of his surging popular support, support that was in part fuelled by the media. 

If Romney is not feeling the love from either of these quarters and fails to win them over all the Wall St. money in the world won’t make up for it.


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