Romney's Former Running Mate Says What She Thinks About The Potential VPs

Kerry Healey


PHILADELPHIA — Kerry Healey would know a thing or two about some of the qualities Mitt Romney is looking for in a running mate: The last time he picked one, he chose her. But Healey, the former lieutenant governor of Massachusetts, won’t offer much when asked about her thoughts on the process or any favourites she has as potential vice presidential nominations. But for whatever it’s worth, Healey, now a foreign policy adviser to the campaign, did tell Business Insider that she has “the greatest respect” for two of the front-runners — Ohio Sen. Rob Portman and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan. 

“I’ve met them both, and I have the greatest respect for both of them,” Healey said in an interview with BI today, after she participated in a Romney campaign event at a Hilton Hotel in Philadelphia.

She also completely brushed off a question about whether she would like to see Romney pick a woman as his running mate. Last month, Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, said that the campaign was “looking” at the option and that she would “love” if Mitt chose a woman. 

“Well, I suppose anything is possible at this point, because I know about as much about this process as you do,” Healey said. “It’s a very closely held secret right now.”

“There is a woman running the process,” she added, referring to former Romney chief of staff Beth Myers, who is heading the search for Romney’s vice president. 

Healey said the Romney campaign was lucky to have a “deep bench” of candidates from which to choose. 

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