Mitt Romney Raises More Than $10 Million In One Day Blitz

mitt romney

[credit provider=”AP”]

Mitt Romney — now the leading candidate for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination — raised $10.25 million in a dial-for-dollars blitz today, the Washington Post reports.The phone bank fundraiser, held at the Las Vegas Convention centre, brought Romney’s wealthy donors to an early caucus state to make calls on Mr. Romney’s behalf. Their one-day total of $10.25 million is impressive by any measure.

With Huckabee and Trump now out of the race, Romney’s team hopes that their one-day fundraising feat will intimidate new candidates who might be thinking about entering the GOP presidential race.

Over the past few months, Romney’s campaign has focused heavily on raising money through private donor events across the country. The goal is to emerge from the quarter as the clear Republican frontrunner, raising far more funds than the other GOP White House hopefuls.