Mitt Romney Once Staged A Prank Stick-Up In His Hometown

Mitt Romney Young

Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

Long before the GOP nominee fooled his travelling press corps, a teenage Mitt Romney showed a penchant for pranks in his hometown of Birmingham, Mich. The Daily Caller reports on the story of a young Romney in the early 1960’s. Joined by three friends, dressed in trench coats and fedoras, Romney “menacingly” threw open the door to the Princeton Prep Shoppe, its owner, Ben Shaw, told the publication. 

Shaw recognised Romney, who “shoved his way in,” while wielding a toy Tommy gun. Romney reportedly told Shaw, “This is a stick-up.” Then, Romney “proceeded to ‘spray’ the entire store as sparks from the toy flew from the muzzle,” Shaw told the Caller. 

“What a crazy goofball,” Shaw recalled one employee saying.

Romney loves to tell stories of his prankster past on the campaign trail. In a recent appearance on Conan, Romney’s five sons told Conan O’Brien about their father’s lighter side.

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