Here’s The $10,000 Bet Everyone Is Talking About From Last Night’s GOP Debate

Texas Gov. Rick Perry repeated his attack on Mitt Romney’s support for the individual mandate for the nation in his book, saying the former Massachusetts governor wanted his Bay State health care program to serve as a model for the nation.

Romney denied the shift, offering Perry $10,000 on stage to prove it. Perry shot back that he isn’t a betting man — knowing he already landed a major blow on his millionaire opponent. Romney appeared out of touch with middle-America, casually wagering a substantial sum of money in a bet.

Romney removed the line: “We can accomplish the same thing for everyone in the country” from the second edition of his book — not quite what Perry claimed.

But expect the wager to become a staple of Democratic and Republican attack ads against Romney as the election cycle continues.

UPDATE: The Huntsman campaign has purchased This should be fun.

Watch the video below: