Mitt Romney Just Got Trashed By One Of His Former Advisers

Mitt RomneyReutersMitt Romney at a campaign event in New Hampshire.

A former top adviser to Mitt Romney isn’t excited about the two-time presidential candidate launching a third bid for the White House.

Former Congressman Vin Weber (R-Minnesota), who served as Romney’s policy chairman in 2008 and as “special adviser on policy” in 2012, criticised Romney during a Bloomberg Politics interview on Thursday.

“I’m not happy, frankly, with the way he’s chosen to re-enter presidential politics and I think his friends need to be honest with him about that,” Weber said of Romney.

Weber went on to praise Romney’s character but suggested former presidential candidates need to let fresher faces step forward. 

“He’s a great man. He would be a great president, but there’s not a lot of good precedent for somebody losing the election and coming back four years late and becoming the nominee. Thomas Dewey is the best example in our party —  didn’t work out too well,” Weber continued.

Weber’s remarks echo many other Republican activists who say they’re not pleased with Romney’s potential return to the presidential race.

Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, repeatedly insisted he would not run in 2016 but backed off that pledge at the end of last week and said he was seriously considering another campaign.

Watch Weber’s Bloomberg interview below:



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