This Is The Worst Poll Number We've Seen Yet For Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

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Buried in a disconcerting Wall Street Journal/NBC poll for presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney is this whopper: an astounding number of people don’t have any confidence that he’s going to fix the economy. The WSJ/NBC pollsters asked voters how confident they were that Romney “has the right set of goals and policies to improve the economy.” A surprising 42 per cent said they were “not at all confident,” up 6 points from a month ago.

For a candidate running his campaign on the basis of how President Barack Obama‘s economic policies have sunk the nation’s economy further and how he would improve the economy, that’s not a good sign.

By the same token, 44 per cent have no confidence in Obama’s policies to fix the economy. But that means they’re about even on this question, and there are other economic indicators that bode well for Obama.

First, 50 per cent of voters think the economy is recovering, which is about in line with the previous month. Moreover, there’s an even split (46-46) between people saying they’re more optimistic and less optimistic about the economic news they’ve heard in the past few weeks. 

Compare that number with last month: Only 37 per cent said they were more optimistic, and 55 per cent said they were less optimistic. So there has been an 18-point swing in just a month.

Here’s the number that should really scare Mitt Romney >

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