Newt Gingrich’s Super PAC Is Pushing This Documentary That Rips Mitt Romney, Bain, And Makes Private Equity Look Terrible

When Newt Gingrich basically promised to take off the gloves after the New Hampshire primary, he wasn’t kidding.

His super PAC, Winning Our Future is promoting a documentary called “When Mitt Romney Came To Town” that focuses on four of Bain’s deals and how they hurt people in working class communities across the country. The interviews are sad, to say the very least, and this issue promises to be something Gingrich will push to destroy Mitt’s “I’m a job creator” line. Here’s what Newt said at Saturday night’s debate (via Dan Primack):

“I’m not nearly as enamoured of a Wall Street model where you can flip companies, you can go in and have leveraged buyouts, you can basically take out all the money, leaving behind the workers.”

Watch the documentary trailer below, but first, here are two things to think about.

  1. This film criticising a millionaire is being pushed by funds from another millionaire, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. He just gave Winning Our Future $5 million and plans to spend $20 million total before the campaign is over.
  2. OK, so $20 million isn’t enough to change the entire campaign, but it can definitely do some damage to Romney, and to the public’s concept of private equity, as it’s spent. The American public has likely forgotten about the huge leveraged buy-outs and other private equity moves of the 1980s, but Gingrich’s documentary is full of buzz words from the bygone era (remember the term “corporate raiders”…it’s in there).

Brace yourself, the trailer features clips from Romney’s consistent, “corporations are people too” comments, and dramatic language about private equity turning the American dream into a nightmare. Enjoy.