The First Reaction To Mitt Romney's '47 per cent' Comments Look Pretty Brutal

Mitt Romney

Photo: AP

Reuters/Ipsos and Gallup have both polled the reaction to Mitt Romney’s controversial comments on supporters of President Obama, and, unsurprisingly, both firms found some backlash from voters.  Both polls found a fair amount of negative shift in opinion toward the Republican nominee, particularly among Independents.

40-three per cent of voters in the Reuters poll said that they viewed Romney less favourably after hearing the comments.

About 60 per cent said he “unfairly dismissed” the 47 per cent he was talking about. And in the Gallup poll, 36 per cent said it’d make them less likely to vote for Romney.

Among Independents is where Romney gets hit particularly hard. In the Reuters poll, 36 per cent said the leaked video made them view Romney less favourably. 

In the Gallup poll, 29 per cent said it would make them less likely to vote for Romney (compared with 15 per cent that said they were more likely to vote for him after the remarks).

The Reuters poll, meanwhile, shoots down what has become a popular conservative notion over the past couple days: That Romney’s remarks won’t hurt him because they won’t realise he’s talking about them. Overall, 67 per cent of voters said they more identified with the “47 per cent” he was talking about than Romney’s audience at the fundraiser.

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