Now Top Republicans Are Pushing Mitt Romney To Take A Stand On Immigration Reform

Mitch McConnell

Top Republicans are putting pressure on Mitt Romney to come up with a response to President Barack Obama‘s new immigration policy, as the GOP rapidly loses ground in the war for Hispanic voters. 

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell became the latest GOP leader to push Romney on the issue Tuesday, telling reporters that Republicans in Congress are waiting for cues from the party’s presidential nominee. 

“I think most of my members are interested in learning what Governor Romney has to say on this issue,” McConnell said, according to Huffington Post reporter Elise Foley. “We’re going to withhold judgment, most of us, until that time.”

Although Romney has said that he opposes Obama’s new immigration directive, which halts deportations from some young undocumented immigrants, the Republican candidate has so far declined to elaborate on his own plans for immigration reform.

Foley reports that McConnell was hopeful that Romney will announce his immigration strategy this Thursday, when he addresses the National Association of Latino Elected Officials conference. But Romney’s campaign advisors have repeatedly said that they plan to focus their message on jobs and the economy, rather than issues like immigration, and there is no indication that Romney will stray from that strategy. 

In the meantime, Obama is already gaining steam from his new immigration, which he announced at a press conference Friday. A new Bloomberg poll — the first survey since the announcement — shows that 64% of likely voters are in favour of the policy. 

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