After Massive Tax Hike, Illinois Continues To Get Humiliated By neighbouring Governor

simpsons illinoi


Yesterday Illinois passed a massive tax hike, and both NJ Governor Chris Christie and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels took the opportunity to slam the state’s fiscal ineptitude.Well, Daniels, who is possibly angling for the GOP Presidential nod is continuing to hammer away.

In an interview with Chicago radio station WLS (via The Daily Caller) he said living next to the state was like living next to the Simpsons in terms of their dys-functionality.

He added: “If you want to bring new jobs to your state the last thing you do is make it more expensive to hire people, and so we’ve been working for six years, we’re now at the top of everybody’s list of a good place to do business, and going in the other direction really is something that we’re not prepared to do, and I hope you guys find a way not to also.”

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