Will Mitch Daniels’ Wife Confront Her Past?

mitch cheri daniels

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The 2012 GOP presidential race appears to be waiting on one man. Or rather, one woman.Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels wants to run for president, a senior advisor told the Huffington Post today. The only obstacle, this advisor said, is whether his wife, Cheri Daniels, is willing to face questions about her past.

The Indiana First Lady hasn’t always been the “Good Wife.” The couple divorced in 1994, and Cheri moved to California where she remarried, leaving Mr. Daniels behind with their four daughters, then-aged 8 to 14. She divorced again and moved back to Indiana. The Daniels’ remarried in 1997. 

Not much else is known beyond these facts: Why did she leave? What did she do during her lost years in California? Who is the other man? And why did she come back?

Those questions will be on a lot of people’s minds Thursday when Cheri Daniels speaks at the Indiana State Republican Party’s annual spring fundraiser — a surprising move for the low-profile First Lady. Although the governor said yesterday that his wife won’t discuss his presidential plans, it is possible – though perhaps unlikely – that she will take the opportunity to clear the air about her past.

Some analysts say the best way for the Daniels’ to move past the story is by confronting their history head on, noting that a Daniels 2012 campaign could have a hard time getting off the ground without some answers.

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