Peter Kraus FAILS To Poach Mitch Cox To AllianceBernstein

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Update: We’ve heard now that the deal has just fallen apart, and that ultimately Cox was too expensive for Kraus. We’ll update accordingly.

Original post: Yesterday we reported that Merrill Lynch had lost yet another top executive: Mitch Cox, a senior VP in its Wealth Management group.

Now we’ve learned from multiple sources familiar with the matter that Cox has been poahced by old college Peter Kraus, who’s now at AllianceBernstein.

Kraus, if you’ll recall, was one of the Merrill execs that got a monster, $25 million bonus, shortly before heading to the exits, last year earning him all sorts of scorn. Originally, he was one of Thain’s guys, brought in from Goldman Sachs.

Those left at Merill have one more reason to hate him.

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