The Coolest Things MIT Sloan Students Are Doing This Summer

Kendall Herbst at MIT SloanKendall Herbst

Photo: Kendall Herbst

A few months ago we featured a day-in-the-life profile of Kendall Herbst, a first-year student at MIT Sloan’s School of Management.We recently caught up with her again, and she offered to share with us some of the coolest internships her peers landed for this summer.

“In the fall, banking and consulting recruitment begins, luring in interested parties along with risk-averse people who want to secure a prestigious spot early on,” she told us. “Then comes tech companies like Google, Samsung and Facebook. Finally, my two primary fields of interest, startups and the luxury industry, start to trickle in. It’s certainly stressful to have to wait until spring to recruit. But all of these industries come with their own blood-pressure-raising aspects.”

You can follow Kendall at @kendall_to_go

Tiffany Kosolcharoen will be Klout's first business development intern

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Job Before MIT Sloan: VC student fellow, business development, consulting

'I'm passionate about products that level unequal access to opportunities. Klout democratizes influence, enabling everyone, not just public figures, to be rewarded with exclusive experiences from brands they love.'

Kaustubh Pandya is heading to a strategy consulting firm in San Francisco

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Job before MIT Sloan: Forensic structural engineer

'Though my job before MIT seems drastically different, I am only changing the industry. Previously I focused on solving problems for existing structures; finding out why buildings or bridges fail and how to fix them. Now, as a strategy consultant, I continue to be a problem solver but with a focus on management instead of structures.'

Shireen Taleghani is doing product marketing for Facebook

Hometown: Mill Valley, CA

Job Before MIT Sloan: Tech sales

'While I am staying in the same industry, I am going to have a completely new role in product marketing at Facebook. I'm excited for the challenge of learning a new function and working in an innovative and fast-paced environment.'

Beto Juarez III is co-launching a startup,

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Job Before MIT Sloan: Associate, StepOne Ventures

'I will be working with my best friend and co-founder, Stan Markuze, to build a peer-to-peer bike rental market called So far we've gotten some great response on the product, and people seem very enthusiastic to bring bicycles to the collaborative consumption economy. Plus, I'll buck the trend of working for a traditional company during the summer by trying to build my own company. It's not easy on the wallet, but it's huge on excitement and self-direction.'

Peter Sellis is working for tech studio Science and VC firm Rustic Canyon Partners

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Job Before MIT Sloan: Head of product management, Ustream

'I'll join Santa Monica-based technology studio Science and its investor, venture capital firm Rustic Canyon Partners. I'm excited because the teams are incredibly smart, and they're rapidly building and scaling new businesses.'

Kendall Herbst is still deciding between a luxury company in New York and a startup in Palo Alto

Hometown: Greenwood Village, CO

Job Before MIT Sloan: Fashion editor

'I'm excited to continue working in fashion while moving into a different and more strategic role in the business. I have missed fashion's crazy, wonderful and slightly absurd world.'

You can follow Kendall at @kendall_to_go

Nate Stewart will be a product manager intern at Microsoft

Hometown: Flint, MI

Job Before MIT Sloan: Senior software developer, Bloomberg

'I'll be working in Microsoft's server and tools marketing group, which gives me an opportunity to think about software strategy and understand how businesses leverage technology to gain a competitive edge. Also, this is one of the most exciting times to be in the enterprise software space; there is a huge movement towards cloud computing and virtualization and businesses are still figuring out how these ideas fit into their strategies.'

Jocelyn Trigg will also be at Microsoft, on the marketing side

Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Job Before MIT Sloan: Director of school operations for a charter school management organisation in Brooklyn, NY

'I came to MIT Sloan because I was interested in switching careers, and I wanted to explore opportunities in technology and marketing. This summer, I will be working as a product marketing manager at Microsoft, in their online services division.'

Andy Choo is working in business development for Genentech

Hometown: Lansdale, PA

Job Before MIT Sloan: Studied cancer metabolism as a graduate student, worked in biotech for 18 months, and spent last summer looking at early-stage biotech investment opportunities

'I'll get to analyse and make recommendations for licensing/acquisition opportunities coming out of both academic labs and biotech companies. I'll be around not only impressive former consultants and bankers, but also some of the greatest scientists in the world, like Vishva Dixit and Ira Mellman.'

Allison Katz-Mayfield is going to StubHub's headquarters in San Francisco

Hometown: Brookline, MA

Job before MIT Sloan: Senior analyst at Analysis Group 

'I came to Sloan to transition into the sports world, preferably in a quantitative role. Through my work with the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, I received an offer to work with StubHub for the summer. I'll be doing internal pricing strategy out in San Francisco.'

Hometown: Yorktown Heights, NY

Job Before MIT Sloan: COO of Pencils of Promise and management consultant at Deloitte Consulting

'I will be an investment banking summer associate focusing on technology companies in the Bay Area. I'm excited and grateful for the opportunity to combine two main areas of interest: finance and the technology industry, as well as to be located on the West Coast, where I hope to transition after school.'

Judy McLellan is heading to Wall Street

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Job Before MIT Sloan: Operations in the financial services industry

'I'm looking forward to returning to Wall Street's fast-paced and challenging environment, but this time in a different role. I'm excited to gain some first-hand corporate finance experience, explore my full-time employment options, and meet other MBAs from around the country.'

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