Mistrial For Blogger Who Said Judges "Must Die"

Hal Turner

When 7th Circuit judges Richard Posner, Frank Easterbrook and William Bauer upheld a ruling dismissing a lawsuit challenging handgun bans in Chicago, blogger Hal Turner said:

“Let me be the first to say this plainly: These judges must die. Their blood will replinish the tree of liberty.”

and also,

These judges deserve to be made such an example of as to send a message to the entire judiciary: Obey the Constitution or die.”

Prosecutors argued that Turner threatened to kill a federal judge while the defence said he was expressing protected opinion.

AP: A judge declared a mistrial Monday in the case against a New Jersey blogger accused of making death threats against three federal judges in Chicago because they wrote a ruling supporting gun control.

The mistrial came after the jury sent two notes – one during its first day of deliberation on Friday and another on Monday – saying it was hopelessly deadlocked over charges Hal Turner threatened to kill or assault a federal judge. A retrial was scheduled for March 1 in Brooklyn, where the case was moved based on a change-of-venue request.

Turner did not comment, the AP said.

Read the full story here. The WSJ Law Blog discovers the backgorund of the trial here.

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