MISSY FRANKLIN: Meet The 17-Year-Old Olympic Phenom About To Take Over The Swimming World

Missy Franklin U.S. Olympic swimmer

Photo: Washington Post

Missy Franklin may only be a 17-year-old soon to be high school senior, but she’s already breaking world swimming records and garnering attention from across the country.Missy’s been swimming in some capacity since she was a toddler and thanks to her tall genes (parents and grandparents on both sides of the family) she has all the physical advantages needed to dominate in the pool.

Endorsement and prize money riches are certainly in her future, but Missy plans on forgoing that for now in order to swim in college.

Missy Franklin was born in 1995 and won't graduate high school for another year. Let that sink in

Her parents trace her love for the water back to when she was just six months old

Her parents put her in early swim lessons so she wouldn't be afraid of the water like her mother.

She was the only baby at the lessons who didn't cry when it was time to dunk their heads in the water.

Source: Washington Post

Missy competed in the 2008 U.S. Olympic trials at the age of 13. Unfortunately, she finished no better than 37th in her heats and didn't qualify

Source: Denver Post

By age 14 she was travelling all over the world with the senior U.S. swim team

In 2011, Missy set the world record in the short course (25-meter pool) 200-meter backstroke

Source: Washington Post

Now 17, Missy has some of the same physical attributes that make Michael Phelps the perfect swimmer: long arms (6-foot-4 wing span), height advantage (6-foot-1) and big, flipper-like feet (size 13)

Source: Washington Post

Missy has turned down hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money to maintain her amateur status and swim in college

Source: Washington Post

Missy's parents are Canadian, so she has dual citizenship. Her mother wanted her to swim for Canada to ease the pressure, but Missy couldn't shake her patriotism

Source: New York Times

Missy's coach Todd Schmitz uses an unusual approach, choosing to avoid burnout rather than pushing her body to the limit like most other coaches do

Missy says her favourite athlete is decorated U.S. Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin, who she ironically defeated in the 100-meter backstroke trials to qualify for London

Sources: Denver Post and ESPN

Missy is trying to qualify for a total of five Olympic events: the 50-, 100-, and 200-meter freestyle and the 100- and 200-meter backstroke

Source: Denver Post

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