We went to the set of ‘Mission Impossible’ in North London, and COVID-19 restrictions weren’t followed consistently

Images from the set of 'Mission Impossible' in North London.
The set of ‘Mission Impossible’ in North London. Insider
  • We visited a “Mission Impossible” film set in North London.
  • There were mask-wearing restrictions around the set, however, they were not consistently followed.
  • Representatives for Paramount Pictures did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.
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Insider received a tip that the latest “Mission Impossible” film was shooting in North London, so we visited the set. Upon arrival, a security guard confirmed to Insider that it was indeed a “Mission Impossible” set and Tom Cruise was shooting inside.
A picture of a white Warner Bros. trailer truck.
‘Mission Impossible’ has been shooting on the stages at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden. Insider.
There was a lot of big, studio equipment installed around the set, including this large light rig.
The rig was installed by a large crane that towered over the set. Insider
The production closed down much of the area with trailers and tents installed all over town.
Secretive trailers and tents popped up all over town. Insider.
However, the scene was being filmed inside a TFC store, which is a UK-based supermarket that specializes in Turkish and Mediterranean produce.
TFC (Turkish Food Centre) in Waltham Cross, London. Insider
The same shop was used during the scene in “Killing Eve” season two where Villanelle is kidnapped.
Jodie Comer in ‘Killing Eve’ season two. Insider
The production was briefly interrupted due to a dispute between two local women. Police were called. However, shooting quickly restarted.
The cops left shortly after this picture was taken. Insider
A sign was posted outside of the set as the production restarted that instructed people that the crew was working within COVID-19 guidelines. At the moment, mask-wearing and social distancing are not mandatory in the UK, but they are encouraged.
The sign attracted a lot of local shoppers who stopped to catch some of the action. Insider.
However, there didn’t seem to be a consistent set of COVID-19 rules. Some crew members wore masks while others did not.
Security guards stood in place around the set and remained secretive about the scene being filmed. Insider
There also seemed to be no social distancing between crew members on set.
S Insider
At the back of the set, there was a ‘red zone’ where a sign instructed people to wear masks. However, people frequently passed through the area without masks.
The ‘red zone’ was at the back of the store. Insider
As the day progressed, the producers emerged from the store and asked the security guards to pull down the shutters on the store. Shortly after, shooting ended and the crew quickly dispersed.
Most of the local onlookers left the set after the shutters were pulled down. Insider