FOR SALE: 'Mission Impossible' Screenwriter's Pacific Palisades Estate For $14 Million

robert towne pacfici palisades home


Mission Impossible I and II screenwriter Robert Towne recently listed his $14 million Pacific Palisades estate (via home is a Tudor-style mansion that has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, and sits on .68 acres of land.

On the property is a three-car garage, heated pool and an open patio.

The home as a patio and a balcony

This lovely eating area provides the feel of outdoor-dining while still inside

The home appears very warm and cozy

The open patio has so many tables it reminds us of a restaurant

The home has high-vaulted ceilings and a great stone fireplace

Towne has a nice decorating flare

There's a lot of room in this house -- it's 10,000 square feet

The formal dining room has green, paneled walls

A cozy den with floor-to-ceiling windows

The patio is lined in brick

Another enclosed patio with huge windows

The swing is a great way to relax and enjoy the gardens

The pool is heated and lined with trees

There's even a hot tub

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