FIRST LOOK: The Next 'Mission Impossible' Is A $140 Million Bet That Tom Cruise Still Has It

Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible

Photo: IMDB

Tom Cruise used to be a movie star.We’re not saying he isn’t anymore. The jury’s out on Cruise’s box-office potency in 2011, since he’s only made four movies in the last five years — and one of them was “Tropic Thunder,” in which he only cameoed.

The last of his films to break the $100 million mark, though, was “Mission: Impossible III” in 2006.

With the release of the next “Mission: Impossible” film, “Ghost Protocol,” coming in December, Cruise will try to regain the lofty heights he used to reach regularly.

Considering the huge budget of “Ghost Protocol,” it’s pretty imperative that he does.

Filmed in Moscow, Prague, Mumbai, Vancouver and Dubai, the movie has an astronomical $140 million budget — though it's about on par with the budgets for the previous two films in the series.

Paramount ratcheted up the prestige of Cruise's co-stars this time around as well. Featuring alongside him is the Academy Award-nominated Jeremy Renner, who can use the role to prep for his upcoming turn as Jason Bourne.

Also featuring importantly will be Simon Pegg and Paula Patton, as fellow IMF agents, and Swedish actor Michael Nyqvist as the villain.

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