One Of The Missing Cleveland Women Reportedly Had A Child While In Captivity

Amanda Berry and family

The AP is reporting that the young girl found in the home where three missing women were held is believed to be the daughter of one of them.

Berry is now 27 and has been missing for about a decade. The New York Daily News has a picture of Berry with a young child in a hospital room, taken after she escaped from captivity. The newspapers says the child is 6 years old and Berry’s daughter.

The child’s identity and age has not yet been officially released.

Authorities believe that 52-year-old Ariel Castro held the women captive in his Cleveland home.

A man who lives in the neighbourhood, Charles Ramsey, identified the young girl found in the house as Berry’s daughter. Here’s his account of what happened:

“I look and I see this girl and she’s just going nuts on the door so, I’m like, ‘What’s your problem? If you’re stuck, just open the door.’ She said ‘I can’t, you got it locked,'” he said.

“Luckily … it was aluminium, it was cheap,” he said, “And she climbed out with her daughter. … She went to my house, we called 911.”

Berry was carrying a child in her arms when she emerged from the house.

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