MISSED AGAIN: The Campbell sisters fail in the 50m

Cate and Bronte Campbell fail to place in the 50m. Picture: Getty Images

Pernille Blume delivered Denmark its first gold medal in the pool since 1948, beating the Australian world champion, Bronte Campbell, and her sister Cate, in the final of the 50m freestyle with a time of 24.07 on the last day in the pool at the Rio Olympics.

The Australians had another disappointing race with Cate finishing 5th, and Bronte 7th.

Cate Campbell’s time of 24.15 was her fastest in three races at Rio, but behind her PB of 23.84.

Speaking to Channel 7 after the race Cate said “It wasn’t my best. It’s fair to say that this week hasn’t been my best.”

She joked that she almost needed the Heimlich manoeuvre after “the world got to witness possibly the greatest choke in Olympic history a couple of nights ago”, when she missed a place on the podium in the 100m freestyle, despite being the race favourite.

“It hurts, but maybe I’ll stick around for another four years,” she said.

Tears began to well in the eyes of her sister Bronte as the interview ended.

Simone Manuel won silver for the USA, with Aliaksandra Hersimenia of Belarus taking the bronze.

Simone Manuel took the gold in the 100m freestyle. Denmark’s win was just its third swimming medal in Olympic history.

The Campbells finish their Rio campaign sharing gold medals in the 4x100m freestyle.

And just minutes after 50m freestyle, Cate Campbell was back in the pool showing just how good she can be to help Australia win silver in the 4x100m medley relay, taking her team from 5th to 2nd in the final 50m of the race.

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