Miss USA always packs these items in her carry-on bag on flights

  • Reigning Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers recently told INSIDER the 10 items she always keeps in her carry-on bag.
  • Summers said she always packs compression socks in her carry-on in case her feet or ankles swell up.
  • She also brings dry shampoo, a travel-sized exfoliating brush, and under-eye masks.
  • If you’re flying within or out of the US, remember that the Transportation Security Administration allows passengers to bring only one quart-sized, resealable bag of liquids in their carry-on bag.
  • Each liquid item must also be in 3.4-ounce or smaller containers.

It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re packing a carry-on bag, especially if you’re flying with an airline that makes you pay extra for checked luggage.

Airport security rules can also be hard to keep up with, although you’d be surprised by the wide variety of items you can bring on a plane, from fresh eggs to waffle irons.

To help you narrow down the list of things you might need on your next flight, reigning Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers recently told INSIDER the 10 items she always keeps in her carry-on.

Summers, who moved to New York City after winning the Miss USA title in May 2018, frequently travels across the world to attend events and work with various organisations. Keep reading to see her list of travel must-haves.

Sarah Rose Summers says she always carries dry shampoo in her carry-on.

Namisha RakhejaMake sure your dry shampoo is in a travel-sized container.

Summers said she’s a huge fan of “day-two hair” – hair the day after you wash it – since it takes less time to style.

Dry shampoo can freshen up and add volume to second-day hair. Summers’ “go-to” when she travels is CHI Luxury’s Black Seed Oil dry shampoo.

However, if you’re flying within or out of the US, make sure your dry shampoo bottle contains 3.4 ounces of liquid or less.

Currently, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows passengers to bring only one quart-sized, resealable bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes – each of which must be in 3.4-ounce or smaller containers – in their carry-on bag.

She also makes sure to bring a silk pillowcase.

Namisha RakhejaNo one wants to sleep on scratchy fabric.

“Sleep is my top priority and this is something I bring no matter how little space I have in my carry-on,” Summers said.

Many bloggers, beauty editors, and experts alike swear by silk pillowcases, which they say can be beneficial for your skin and hair – although there’s no scientific evidence that supports these claims.

Summers says a “good book is a classic travel necessity.”

Namisha Rakheja‘The Sparkle Effect’ by former Miss USA Kristen Dalton Wolfe.

The reigning Miss USA said she tries to limit the time she spends looking at her phone or other screens during flights. Typically, Summers packs a “motivational girl-power book” to read on the plane.

To freshen up during flights, she uses under-eye masks.

Namisha RakhejaSummers recommends these vegan and cruelty-free masks from 100% pure.

“Under-eye puffiness and dark circles seem to always follow me when travelling,” she said.

Summers recommends 100% Pure’s Bright Eyes Masks, which are made with 95% organic aloe juice and 5% plant cellulose.

She keeps a travel-sized exfoliating brush handy, too.

Namisha RakhejaForeo’s Luna Fofo cleansing brush retails for $US89.

Summers said she likes to pack a small exfoliating brush in her carry-on because it can be used with whatever cleanser her skin needs on any given day.

“Sometimes when I travel, my skin needs hydration,” the reigning Miss USA explained. Other times, “the stress of flying” leads to breakouts, which she treats with a tea tree oil-based cleanser.

Summers said she likes using a lavender-scented hand sanitizer while flying.

Namisha RakhejaShe keeps Dr. Bronner’s Organic Hand Sanitizer in her carry-on.

Given how dirty some parts of airports and planes can be, it’s a good idea to wash your hands frequently and keep hand sanitizer in your carry-on – just make sure it’s in a 3.4-ounce container or smaller.

In fact, several flight attendants and crew members from various airlines previously told INSIDER that they always keep hand sanitizer in their carry-on bags.

Her carry-on always has a portable phone charger.

Namisha RakhejaSummers uses a portable charger by Mophie.

“City life and constant travel drain my phone battery, so a portable phone charger is a must-have,” Summers said.

She continued: “Find one that reflects your personal style and it will likely become your new accessory while travelling.”

And she makes sure to bring her headphones as well.

Namisha RakhejaSummers uses Apple’s AirPods.

“Whether I’m jamming to my favourite artists or listening to my favourite podcasters, having my headphones handy is essential,” she said.

Summers said she always brings vegan protein bars and an apple on flights.

Namisha RakhejaThe reigning Miss USA likes Raw Rev’s vegan bars.

The TSA currently allows passengers to pack solid food items in their carry-on bags. If you have any specific concerns, you can double-check this comprehensive list of what you can and can’t bring on planes flying within or out of the US.

Summers also packs compression socks in her carry-on in case her feet or ankles swell up.

Namisha RakhejaCompression socks can help make flights more comfortable.

According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s not unusual or harmful to experience temporary leg or foot swelling during air travel.

Summers said she always keeps compression socks handy while travelling so her shoes fit when she gets off the plane and needs to run to an event.

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