Here Are This Week's Top 10 Media Winners And Losers


Another week. Another week.

There were some sad notes — the death of “Jackass” Ryan Dunn being the worst — but there were some moments of levity.

We crowned a new Miss USA. A rapper decided to write a novel about bullying. Weird Al released a weird video.

A journalist came out as an illegal alien. Jon Stewart made someone angry. (Multiple people, actually.) And Donald Trump was Donald Trump.

Donald Trump scores a $160M pay check.

Any time you can fake a Presidential campaign, keep your name in the media for weeks and weeks, and then turn that into a massive pay raise, you gotta do it.

Well played, Mr. Trump, well played.

Jose Antonio Vargas told the world he's an illegal immigrant.

The Pulitzer Prize winning journalist came out as an illegal immigrant. It was a bold statement for him to make, one that might end up with him getting in trouble, but it was an admirable stance to take. He launched a campaign, Define American, to help fight for immigrant rights.

Brian Lam left Gizmodo.

He'd been there for five years, but decided to take his career in a new direction. But first, he's going surfing. For a long time.

Enjoy the sea.

Leon Black purchased the biggest television show on the planet.

Apollo Global Management bought CKX, the company that owns the rights to 'American Idol.' Not only that, but Black landed Graceland in the deal. Sing it, brother, sing it.

50 Cent writes at novel. About Bullying!

You gotta love Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson. He's penning a 'semi-autobiographical' novel about being bullied. While it's hard to imagine anyone pushing him around -- the dude is enormous -- it's great to see that he's joining the cause.

Lindsay Lohan asked for $100,000 to do an interview.

Although you have to think Matt Lauer was the real loser. He was the one who got turned down at the last minute by the diva under house-arrest.

Herman Cain Accused Jon Stewart of racism.

You can say a lot of things about Jon Stewart, but his humour is not racially motivated. Herman Cain, however, thinks it was.

Alyssa Campanella had a horrible first day as Miss USA.

She had her phone confiscated, her freedom stolen, and plenty of other bad things happen.

That's the price of being Miss USA.

Weird Al Yankovic released a creepy Lady Gaga parody video.

It's controversial because Gags didn't want it released for a time. Now it's out, and the video just freaks us out.

Bristol Palin admitted some things in her new memoir.

So that week was fun. Now let's learn something else.

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