Behind-the-scenes photos show how Miss Universe 2019 contestants get ready for the world-famous pageant

Benjamin Askinas/Miss UniverseJulia Horta, also known as Miss Brazil, stands in between racks of sparkling gowns.
  • The 2019 Miss Universe pageant is being held this year at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Ahead of the pageant, some contestants gathered in Atlanta on Thursday to meet one another and complete their registration forms.
  • While there, they also participated in outfit fittings in preparation of the big night.
  • The 2019 Miss Universe pageant airs Sunday December 8 at 7 p.m. ET on FOX.
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It takes a lot of work to compete in a Miss Universe pageant.

Not only do contestants follow strict diets and exercise routines to prepare, but they also must arrive at the pageant early to get fitted for their outfits and meet their fellow participants. On Thursday, some of this year’s contestants did just that when they arrived in Atlanta, Georgia, where the event is taking place.

Here are 15 behind-the-scenes photos that show them preparing for the big event.

Shanel Ifill is representing Barbados in this year’s pageant.

Benjamin Askinas/Miss UniverseShanel Ifil, also known as Miss Barbados, gets her makeup done on Thursday.

On Thursday, she sat in the makeup chair while wearing her “Miss Barbados” sash.

Julia Horta is representing Brazil in the contest.

Benjamin Askinas/Miss UniverseMiss Brazil stands in between racks of sparkling gowns.

Ahead of the pageant, she visited Atlanta, Georgia, and got fitted for her onstage looks.

At one point, she donned an aqua-blue dress.

Benjamin Askinas/Miss UniverseJulia Horta attends a dress fitting in Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday.

The dress was seemingly sparkly, though she mysteriously covered it with a semi-sheer shawl.

Contestants like Kadejah Bodden, from the Cayman Islands, had their onstage hairstyles done.

Benjamin Askinas/Miss UniverseKadejah Bodden gets her hair done ahead of the Miss Universe pageant.

Miss Cayman Islands wore her hair in a ponytail.

Miss Egypt, whose real name is Diana Hamed, posed in a beaded dress with fringe details during her fitting.

Benjamin Askinas/Miss UniverseDiana Hamed poses in a dress and her ‘Miss Egypt’ sash.

The contestant donned a baby-pink dress with long sleeves, a plunging neckline, and beaded fringe. She also wore her “Miss Egypt” sash.

Sissie Luo from Guam smiled at her reflection in a vanity mirror for a photo.

Benjamin Askinas/Miss UniverseMiss Guam, or Sissie Luo, has a makeup practice run on Thursday.

Miss Guam wore a shiny pink dress and her sash while getting her makeup done on Thursday.

Contestant Birta Abiba Þórhallsdóttir is representing Iceland.

Benjamin Askinas/Miss UniverseMiss Iceland is photographed attaching an earring on Thursday.

After arriving in Atlanta, Miss Iceland donned a white dress with gold beaded detailing.

Indonesia’s Frederika Cull prepared for the pageant in her makeup chair.

Benjamin Askinas/Miss UniverseFrederika Cull sits at her vanity in Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday.

While checking out her makeup, Miss Indonesia wore a red dress with white panels.

Miss Malta, or Teresa Ruglio, also got fitted for her pageant gowns on Thursday.

Benjamin Askinas/Miss UniverseTeresa Ruglio poses for a picture in Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday.

She tried on a semi-sheer red dress with long sleeves and studded details.

Gunzaya Bat-Erdene from Mongolia had a professional help her with her makeup.

Benjamin Askinas/Miss UniverseGunzaya Bat-Erdene, or Miss Mongolia, gets her makeup done on Thursday.

Her makeup look included bronzed cheeks, light-pink lipstick, neutral eye shadow, and defined eyebrows.

Sharon Pieksma, or Miss Netherlands, seems ready for the 2019 pageant.

Benjamin Askinas/Miss UniverseSharon Pieksma from The Netherlands visited Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday.

She posed for a photograph while wearing a green dress that had two triangular cutouts across the waist.

Saint Lucia representative Bebiana Mangal rocked a neon suit on Thursday.

Benjamin Askinas/Miss UniverseMiss Saint Lucia gets her makeup done ahead of the 2019 Miss Universe pageant.

She wore the outfit while getting her makeup done.

Miss South Africa, or Zozibini Tunzi, looked fierce as she posed in-between dresses.

Benjamin Askinas/Miss UniverseZozibini Tunzi is representing South Africa.

During her fitting, Miss South Africa wore a sleeveless black top, high-waisted denim jeans, and a matching jacket.

Some contestants, like Miss USA and Miss Iceland, stuck together.

Benjamin Askinas/Miss UniverseCheslie Kryst, also known as Miss USA, picks out jewellery for the pageant.

Both women looked stunning. Cheslie Kryst from the USA wore a sparkling jumpsuit, while Miss Iceland opted for a white minidress.

Miss USA, or Cheslie Kryst, gave fans a sneak peak at the swimsuits that will be featured in this year’s show.

Benjamin Askinas/Miss UniverseCheslie Kryst stands in front of neon swimsuits in Atlanta, Georgia.

Based on this photograph, it’s safe to say we’ll see neon swimsuits during this year’s show.

The 2019 Miss Universe pageant airs Sunday December 8 at 7 p.m. ET on FOX.

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