Check Out The Hilarious Signs From The Rally To Restore Sanity

Rally To Restore Sanity Sign

Miss Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity?

Check out our man-on-the-street shots so you know what you were missing… or not missing. 

And pick your favourite signs.

The Metro was packed, but everyone was in good spirits.

One Hour Before: It soon became apparent that this was going to be nuts.

We Did The Wave: It was a low point

These Ladies Were Pretty Typical: Nice to see taxes don't always get a bad rap.

What's He Doing Here?! All the way from the NY Gubernatorial debate.

Lots of Signs Making Fun of Signs: Get it?

Proud To Be Moderate: At what other political rally would you ever see this?

This one takes a shot at the Westboro Baptist Church

The Dude Abides: Of course there was a Big Lebowski reference.

Hot Live Bi-Partisan Action: A for Content. D for Execution

Self- Awareness Is Good: You know he wasn't kidding

No Brainer Winner: Kitty + Hitler Moustache

Our Winner: Lots of parodies of O'Donnell, Beck and Palin signage. But this was actually funny.

Conservative and Liberal Holding Hands: Hope is alive!

And Then We Left: We all the same time.

And Then We We Went to the Metro: If you ever want to love the NYC subway system, try getting on the Metro with 200,000 friends. Disaster

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