MISEK: Here’s Why Apple Didn’t Make A TV This Year

Apple TV

[credit provider=”AP, Verge Images, Photoshop by Jay Yarow”]

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek has a big report on Apple this morning.

We’ve already covered some of his predictions about the iPhone here and here. (He’s calling for iPhone 5S in June and says Apple is testing an iPhone 6 with a big screen.)

In the report, he also talks about the long-rumoured Apple television.

He’s now calling for Apple to release the “iTV” in September/October.

Misek has been calling for an Apple television for a while. In April 2011, Misek said Apple was ready to launch a big video subscription service for the Apple TV. In March of this year he said Apple was producing the Apple television in May or June. In August, he said the Apple TV was in full production.

He says Apple didn’t make a TV this year because of “Sharp’s financial issues” and “IGZO yields.”

Sharp is makes LCD screens for Apple’s gadgets. However, it’s had some financial troubles and could be going bankrupt. As for the “IGZO yields,” IGZO is a type of screen. Supposedly, Apple wants to use IGZO screens for the Apple television, but its manufacturing partners are struggling to make these screens at television-sized.

We heard the same thing from Gene Munster at Piper Jaffray, who, like Misek has been calling for an Apple television for a long time now.

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