You can stay inside a mesmerising house covered with mirrors on Airbnb for $165 a night

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbThe home is an artist’s paradise, complete with an LP library, woodworking shop, studio, backyard pond, and garden.
  • The “unique artist mirrored house” is an Airbnb located outside of Pittsburgh that is completely covered in mirrors.
  • The home is an artist’s paradise, complete with an LP library, woodworking shop, studio, backyard pond, and garden.
  • Up to 10 guests can stay at the “unique artist mirrored house,” starting from $US165 per night including breakfast and morning coffee prepared by the hosts.
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There are plenty of unique homes listed on Airbnb, but an artist’s paradise that’s covered in mirrors on the outskirts of Pittsburgh might be one of the more unconventional accommodations you can rent.

Hosted by artists and educators Martin and Jesha in the suburb of Fox Chapel, the “unique artist mirrored house” is adorned with small, mirrored subway tiles on the exterior.

Though the house continues to boast the mirror theme on the inside, it’s also filled with original artwork and furnishings throughout, as well as a home theatre, an art studio, a woodworking shop, a backyard pond and garden, and more.

Up to 10 guests can stay at the “unique artist mirrored house,” starting from $US165 per night including daily breakfast and morning coffee prepared by the hosts.

Take a tour of the creative haven below.

Martin and Jesha’s “unique artist mirrored house” might be one of the most eclectic homes on Airbnb.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbThe mirrored house is located in Fox Chapel, Pittsburgh.

The unique home is tucked away in the Fox Chapel suburb of Pittsburgh.

The entire exterior of the house is covered in mirrored panels.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbThe exterior of the home is reflective.

Even the windows and chimney are reflective.

While the accommodation is listed on Airbnb as a “private room in a house,” guests have access to the entire home and all of its amenities.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbMirrors adorn the home like tiles.

The house sleeps 10 guests across three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, according to the listing.

The inside of the house plays on the mirror theme as well.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbThe theme carries through into the dining area.

In addition to mirrors on the walls and ceiling, the dining room has glowing aquariums and a striped table and chairs.

Even the chandeliers are made of mirrors.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbMirror chandeliers in the dining room.

Mirrors are incorporated in many other minor accents throughout the home.

The mirrored house has a complete chef’s kitchen for guests to use.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbThe kitchen looks like it’s well equipped.

Breakfast and house roasted ground coffee is served each morning and included with your stay, according to the home’s listing on Airbnb.

There’s a bar area right next to the kitchen.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbThe bar appears to have a more minimalistic style.

You could enjoy a meal or boozy beverage here.

Each room has a different feel.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbThe lounge space has a sleek, modern look.

The space includes many original artworks and furnishings.

There’s an office space with a desk for any guests who have to work, or who just want to look through the home’s music collection.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbThe office has an impressive record collection.

The bookshelves are fully stocked with records for you to peruse.

And there’s a lounge area where you can enjoy some artwork.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbThis lounge area has black and white furnishings.

There are also a number of record players lining the walls.

The bedrooms are as artistic and unique as the rest of the house.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbThe bedroom is more colourful than the lounge and dining areas.

Yes, those are shoes on the wall.

The bathroom embraces the mirror theme from the house’s exterior.

Martin & Jesha/AribnbThis bathroom is not like many others.

The guest bathroom has a sunken tub, walk-in shower, and ToTo toilet, according to the Airbnb listing.

There’s a coffee bar in one of the hallways.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbThe space is ideal for anyone who likes coffee.

It even comes complete with a Pasquini espresso machine.

There’s also a pool table.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbThis room looks like a good place to spend time in a group.

There’s seemingly no shortage of things to do in this house.

And there’s a home theatre that guests can use.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbThe red chairs look like ones you’d find in a movie theatre.

It’s perfect for a night in when you aren’t going downtown to explore Pittsburgh.

There’s a wood shop in the house as well.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbThe woodworking shop is ideal for anyone creative.

It’s just one of several creative spaces throughout the property.

There’s also a studio.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbYou can tell it’s an artist’s home.

Altogether, the home is an artist’s haven.

The studio looks out over the yard and gardens.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbThe studio looks just as cool from the outside.

You can draw creative inspiration from nature.

The garden looks like it’s incredibly serene.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbYou could take your coffee outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Spending time outdoors by the pond would be a nice break from the city.

You can also take in the outdoor beauty of the property from the porch.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbThe porch offers more shade if it’s a sunny day.

There’s plenty of space to lounge and a full dining table and chairs to eat a meal on a nice day.

There’s even an outdoor kitchen for barbecuing.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbThe house has it all.

The mirror theme comes into play out here, too.

At the time of writing, a stay at the Airbnb starts at $US165 per night.

Martin & Jesha/AirbnbThe mirrored house almost blends into its surroundings.

You can find out more about the mirrored house, or book a stay, on the home’s Airbnb listing.

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