The IPCC Is Considering Huge Mirrors In Space And Other Awesome Ways To Stop Global Warming



Enough with global warming doom and gloom. Scientists at the International Panel on Climate Change are considering geoengineering techniques that could have a massive impact on Earth’s climate, according to a document leaked to The Guardian.Among the ingenious plans on the table is sending huge mirrors into space to reflect the sun’s light back into space.

The paper also talks about:

  • producing lighter-coloured crops to reflect sunlight
  • suppressing cirus clouds
  • spraying sea water into the clouds to reflect sunlight
  • depositing massive quantities of iron filings into the oceans
  • painting streets and roofs white
  • adding lime to the ocean

Scientists warn, however, that many of these processes could have unforeseen side effects. Also the haphazard paper suggests how difficult for the international community to reach a consensus on these or more traditional measures, experts tell The Telegraph.

Read more about these techniques below.

Joint IPCC expert meeting on geoengineering: keynote abstracts

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