Miranda Kerr tells us about her Diamond Encrusted Bikini

We did tell you about this fabulous model from down under who got lucky and was selected to wear the diamond encrusted bra from Victoria’s Secret for a photo shoot. Unfortunately, we had reported these news before the actual photo shoot so we had to deal with a host of complaints relating to nearly not enough photos. We don’t blame you, we cant get enough of Kerr ourselves! So we give you more photos as well as a video of Kerr wearing the bra and describing for us how she feels.

Giving you more of Miranda Kerr – as demanded by the audience :

Seen here is the video with Miranda modelling the bra and seeing it herself for the first time.


May we remind you that last year this diamond encrusted bra (which is a part of a series) was worn by Adriana Lama. Seen here in this video

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