Miranda Kerr Showed Jimmy Fallon How Quickly She Could Chug Six Beers

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr proved she could chug a beer when she met Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Friday.

The 31-year-old health advocate, who normally prefers a Tahitian noni juice, actually downed six beers in a game of “Flip Cup” where the goal is to drink a beer then flip the empty plastic cup over before moving onto the next one.

Watch how it panned out for Kerr:

It was her second time on The Tonight Show, and Kerr was at ease talking about her childhood, fitness tips and skincare products.

She told the audience about how she learnt to drive as an eight-year-old in a blue Valiant and rattled Fallon when she demonstrated her mile-high fitness techniques.

“When I’m on an aeroplane, there is a couple of little exercises you can do when you’re sitting down,” she said.

“You can tighten your ab muscles, you can clench and release, clench and release.

“And your butt muscles, you can do that. You clench and release, and then you can alternate,” she said, demonstrating in her chair.

Fallon, a little flushed, replied:

“Don’t do that on my show, I’m married. I’m a happily married man.”

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