MIRACLE: Canberra teen found alive after missing for six days following a car crash

Kathleen Bautista . Picture: Supplied

A Canberra teenager reported missing nearly a week ago has been found near her upturned car, alive.

Kathleen Bautista, 19, was the subject of a hunt by family, friends and emergency workers for several days after she was last seen leaving a friend’s house in the Canberra suburb of Chapman on Saturday.

At 10.25am today, search and rescue member spotted what turned out to be her black Hyundai i30 overturned and 15m down an embankment in the Cotter reserve area west of Canberra.

Soon after, she was spotted nearby, alive. She had crawled out of her car and stumbled 100 metres up the embankment on the other side of a creek.

For six days, she has survived on water from the creek.

An ACT Health spokesman said Bautista was taken to Canberra Hospital injured and dehydrated, but was now in a stable condition.

ABC reported there were “tears of joy” when her boyfriend and friends heard the news. They had spent the morning putting up posters asking for information about Bautista’s disappearance.

On Wednesday, her family had made a public plea for their daughter to come home.

“I just want to hug you,” her mother Rowena had told Fairfax Media.

“I’m really, really worried about you. Please come home and don’t be scared.”

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