Phil Falcone's Hockey Team's Equipment Goes Up In Flames

minnesota wild fire twit pic

The Minnesota Wild, the hockey team hedge fund billionaire Phil Falcone owns a 40% stake in, found all of their equipment burnt to a crisp last night.

The Wild was on their way to a Saturday game against the Ottawa Senators when they pulled into a parking lot in Kanata, Ontario.

They opened up the back of their van and discovered that their equipment was completely incinerated.

minnesota wild fire twit pic 2

(The equipment manager and two Assistants flew back to Minnesota to gather replacements for the team) but like Bob McKenzie, from TSN, a Canadian sports network said on Twitter: “Wearing a brand new pair of skates or new equipment in an NHL regular season game is no player’s idea of fun.”

More photos:

Read more about the Minnesota Wild Fire on WCCO.

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