A new law in honour of Prince would make it harder to earn money off dead people's names

Prince has inspired a newly proposed Minnesota law that would protect a person’s name and likeness after their death.

The Minnesota state legislature has introduced a bill titled the Personal Rights in Names Can Endure Act (or the P.R.I.N.C.E. Act). If passed, it would ensure that a deceased person’s estate can control publicity of the person’s name, image, voice, signature, and more for 50 years after the death, according to Billboard.

The lawmakers are aiming to pass the bill within two weeks, when the current session ends. The law would also apply retroactively to any Minnesota resident who died before the bill was signed into law.

Currently, Prince’s estate is being managed by Bremer Trust, since the singer didn’t have a will. It will distribute Prince’s estimated $300 million estate among his six siblings. It’s estimated that there is $100 million in potential future earnings on the estate as well, which this bill would give Prince’s family more control over.

Since Prince’s death on April 21, the estate has already given permission for the use of his music on ABC television shows “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

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