Here Are The States That Support Nearly Doubling The Minimum Wage

The recent debate over raising the minimum wage has been contentious, with revelations about fast food worker’s struggles
to survive on their wages striking a chord with many Americans. One of the proposed solutions is a nationwide increase to $US15 an hour from the current federal floor of $US7.25.

Americans are nearly split on the issue. A recent survey of 10,686 people by compensation website PayScale found that 50.6% oppose such a large increase, and 49.4% support it.

There’s also a significant amount of variation between states. Many states have higher minimum wages already; Washington’s is the highest at $US9.32 per hour.

But the biggest supporters of an increase are states like New York and Hawaii that have the highest costs of living, and where those with low-paying jobs face greater difficulty getting by.

Here’s the state-by-state breakdown from PayScale, excluding South Dakota and Wyoming, where the sample size was too small:

Among the survey’s additional findings:

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