This Tiny Robotic Printer Can Print On Paper Of Any Size By Crawling Around Like A Slug

Printers really missed the miniaturization boat, but the Mini Mobile Robotic Printer is a Kickstarter project that seeks to put a friendly looking robotic printer on your desk no matter where you are.

It’s built on top of a wheeled robotic platform that allows for an inkjet printer head to contact paper in very precise movements, just like an ordinary printer. The wheels carry it around a piece of paper of any size for printing anything you can imagine.

Of course it works on standard size paper as well, taking about 40 seconds to print a complete 8.5″ x 11″ page. The internal battery is rechargeable via USB and runs for an hour on a full charge, and its ink cartridge will print about 1,000 pages before needing to be replaced.

Here’s a schematic that shows what’s going on inside the printer. Notice its “omniwheel” system that will enable it to travel in any direction.

This printer will use the BPP protocol, meaning Bluetooth-enabled computers will automatically recognise it as a printer and be able to use it. A dedicated Android and iPhone app is also in the works, which will enable you to print things directly from your phone.

If this sounds up your alley, there are still a limited number of these printers available at the $US180 early bird pricing. After that, a black printer is $US200 and a white one is $US220, and for $US300 you can get a special Kickstarter edition of the device. In total, the creators have so far raised $US26,000 of their $US400,000 goal.

Watch the pitch video for more, and to see the printers in action!

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