Mini Made A 'Carlos D Motor' Twitter Account To Mock Anthony Weiner

mini cooper carlos danger anthony weiner twitter

The recent revelation that

Anthony Weiner emailed naked pictures of himself under the moniker “Carlos Danger” is too ridiculous to not mock.Embracing the scandal’s buzz, Mini just launched a Twitter account under the pseudonym @CarlonDMotor — “Danger is my middle name” — which is tweeting out suggestive captions under photos, like, “Wanna get your hands on my stick?”

“Not all brands can be this brazen,” a spokesperson for Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, Mini’s longtime ad agency, told Business Insider.

The account currently only has 23 followers.

Although marketers jumped on the real-time marketing bandwagon following the Royal Baby birthing — Oreo instantaneously tweeted about “royal bottle service” and Charmin rhapsodized about preparing the “golden throne” — there hasn’t been much brand chatter regarding the mayoral candidate’s grizzly sex scandal.

Granted less harm can be done from tying a corporate image to the birth of infant heir to the throne than to a married guy who can’t stop sending women pictures of his penis.

Apart Mini, Spirit Airlines,  known for its tacky advertising history, created an ad featuring a masked hot dog with the caption “The Weiner Rises Again.”

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